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At Trust-in Hospital, our Anaesthesia and Pain Management Department provides anaesthesia services before and after surgical procedures for both paediatric and adults. It also takes care of pain management to facilitate improved quality of life for those with chronic pain issues. The Department comprises of a team of highly skilled anaesthesiologist, trained nurses, and support staff. The team provides anaesthesia services for surgeries across multiple departments, and is equipped with latest facilities and techniques. They employ the best practices and adheres to international protocols to provide complete care to each patient.

Our competent team is specialised to provide the following services:

  • Pre-anaesthesia check-up before surgery to determine the modality of anaesthesia that will best suit the patient.
  • Pre-operative check-up and post-operative care and recovery.
  • Labour analgesia as part of gynaecological procedure prior to delivery.
  • Comprehensive pain management for chronic pain patients by employing a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Palliative pain management.
  • Pharmacologic pain management, interventional procedures for pain management, physiotherapy, and psychological interventions.

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